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Mymi Wonder Patch was named the most recommended slim patch for trimming abdomen area fat in South Korea.It contains five kinds of natural ingredients Sophoricoside,Capsaicin,Catechin,Caffeine and Sallcornia herbacaa.all of them has passed skin irritation tested from FDA,also with the anti-conterfeiting sercurity labels on Mymi Wonder Patch outside box to make sure the weight loss patch you got is authentic.Therefore it's definitely safe to apply and risk-free.
Korea Mymi Wonder Patch is good for removing cellulite around belly (under,upper,sides).moreover,eliminating the accumulation of obesity and toxins and promoting the fat burning,the effective ingredients will speed up metabolism and destroy fat cells quickly,you will never worry skin drooping after reducing fat,the Mymi Wonder Patch will keep your skin more elasticity and exquisite.Mymi Wonder Patch can provide long-lasting effects and no gules or scratchy.The good slim patch can make your skin breathe well.
Mymi Wonder Patch is concentrated on getting rid of abdomen obesity and will bring customers more strongly effects than other slimming products in the market.Perhaps it's also a good news to people who are allergic to diet pills.if you want to apply the innovative slim patch,original Mymi Wonder Patch on our site is your good choice.

Benefits of Mymi Wonder Patch

South Korean sales of the first widely welcomed by women, both men and women

Contains caffeine and other ingredients pepper and effectively burn fat, thin waist

Paste by the U.S. FDA certified, safe and reliable

Unique design, large area, attached to the belly weight loss while not cover the navel

Wide range of applications, in addition to a pot outside the arms and legs can also be applied to other places

Persisting for 8 hours, Long effect and simply paste before going to sleep

Contains 5 kinds of Natural Ingredients

No preservatives


MYMI Wonder Patch –Belly Slimming Herbal Plaster

Most methods of safely, comfortably and without side effects to reduce excess fat in your body is using MYMI Wonder patches, herbal slimming patch/plaster it will burn the excess fat in your body and simultaneously lowers your weight (has been clinically tested).


5 Natural Deposits Found In The Products Of This Patch Is The Wonder MYMI

Sophoricoside: plant extracts derived from the country of Japan which serve as powerful substances to reduce weight and excess fat burning.

Catechin: prevent the body being fat, increase body metabolism and blood circulation in the body.

Capsaicin: extracts from the chilli serves to destroy the cellulite.

Caffeine: destroy the cellulite and restore the elasticity of the body, have the effect of tightening the skin.

Salicornia Herbacea: Extracts from plants that function as antioxidants glasswort and prevents dehydration of the skin.

Mymi Wonder Patch

Korea Mymi Wonder Patch magical effect is absolutely surprise you and try to paste Mymi Wonder patch dissolving thin paste, approved by FDA, the trial can be assured that contains caffeine and other ingredients pepper and day 8 hours paste, whether sleep, work, school or shopping can be posted , the thin one, so you without time and place restrictions, anytime lean belly, swollen farewell own bucket back!

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